What we are

The Institute for the Study of Values and Spirituality

Established 2014

The Institute for the Study of Values and Spirituality aims to research the dynamics of values in the current global context and evaluating the role of spirituality in contemporary times, by developing new research strategies and tools. The Institute is seeking to identify and explore areas related to values and spiritual life in various cultural backgrounds, bringing high-level expertise from academia and not only. These respond to the new awareness of the cultural grounds of human life and the global nature of their interaction.


Developing research on cultural values and spiritual practices, for a better understanding of their role nowadays
Addressing traits related to values and to spiritual life in need of research


Coordinating various research approaches for developing new insights on today world changes and dynamics
Researching the evolution of values in the context of globalization/sovereignism
Examining the dynamics of traditions in different cultural contexts
Providing answers to the challenges of globalization based on the dynamics of traditional values
Exploring the current role of philosophy in the context of contemporary crises