Research Areas

The dynamics of values and communities. Inside and outside perspectives

The research, made from inside and outside perspectives, aims to better understand the mechanisms and the tendencies that are governing these evolutions and changes, and to stimulate debates on this critical topic.

Values and Spirituality in a Global Context

Today meaning of spirituality is wider and more diverse than a century, or even decades ago. Reasons are multiple, but mostly related to the constant changes of our way of living. The meaning of spirituality and of spiritual life is even more complex nowadays. A proper understanding of the overlaying of old and new spiritual habits and attitudes requires complex research, made by interdisciplinary teams. On this way can be identified the reasons for individual and social behaviours, but such evolutions can be understood only in the global context of today world, so international research teams in this kind of investigation it`s a must.

Establishing and Developing a Research Networks

The Institute can have the roleplay of a turntable for scholars from different parts of the world in exploring and better understanding recent evolutions of values and spirituality, and their impact on human life at the individual and community levels.

Research Topics
Today Role of Values
Self, Soul, Body, Personhood
The Spiritual Act
Artefacts, Shapes, Images, Symbols